Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter fun!

We have been busy with some Easter fun! We went to an Easter egg hunt at bandstand market last weekend. The weather was beautiful! The Easter bunny was there and neither kid was a fan. Katelyn tolerated him, but Jeremy would cover his face and climb up my leg everything he caught a glimpse of the furry friend! Each kid got a few eggs but also managed to talk us into icecream too! We also died Easter eggs today. I was pleasantly surprised that the mess was small. They were very careful and calm. Afterwards, I started talking about how the Easter bunny sneaks into our house each year and hides the eggs( our Easter tradition) and this year I was gonna stop him from doing it....Katelyn decided to write him a note. It says dear Easter bunny please hide my eggs. Love Katelyn. It is hanging on the fridge now!

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