Monday, August 9, 2010

What happened in the past month?

Once again, I apologize for not posting updates in such a long time. I was enjoying my time home with Katelyn and John was working. That is our only excuses! But over the past month a lot of changes happened.....Katelyn got her first car! She is still working on the driving thing but it won't be long before she's backing down the driveway. We were reassured that Katelyn LOVES animals during our trip to the Catoctin Zoo. She loved the deer, monkeys, wolves, and petting zoo the best. She was waving and saying "hi" to every animal we saw. Katelyn and John also went to the library to see another guest speaker. This time it was "Olivia". Katelyn doesn't really know Olivia but she still liked seeing a big pig! We are hoping that if she sees enough big creatures in costumes that Santa won't be so scary this year!!

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