Sunday, May 2, 2010

My birthday practice

As you all know my birthday is coming up next Saturday. I decided that I need to practice all the birthday things that kids do so I am ready for the big show next weekend. Luckily there are some people that think the same way that I do. Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Adam showed up this weekend to help me practice. They brought me presents and CAKE! I had to show Aunt Adrienne where to put it on my highchair. She did but then I just stared at it because she gave me a HUGE piece with lots of icing! I thought i would get in trouble if I touched it but Aunt Adrienne shoved my hand in it. After that I tried to play with it and eat a few bites but I just wasn't hungry for cake. I tried to tell them but they didn't listen. I even gave Aunt Adrienne my full attention when
she was telling me what to do. Mom made me get in the bathtub after I was finished. That was just what I needed "a drink" with my cake. I ate more cake off of my hands, the chair, and the bubbles in the bathtub because I had some water to go with it. I'm clean (for now) and I think I'm ready for the main event next weekend!!! Thanks Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Adam! (I love my turtle sandbox too! The toys are so much fun but the sand feels wierd!)

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  1. AH! The third pic is totally a Kathy expression! Love it!