Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Katelyn had a great Easter with all of her family in the southeast part of PA. Here are some pictures from the Easter egg hunt at Gram's house. Thank you Aunt Adrienne for helping me find all my loot!! Thank you to the "Easter Bunny" for being sooooo generous with the gifts. Katelyn has more Easter gifts than she knows what to do with. There aren't any pictures of Katelyn in her Easter Dress right now because there was a small mishap on the way to Easter dinner. Katelyn decided that it would be a good idea to get sick in the car on the way there. She managed to "decorate" herself, carseat, Daddy, and a few other things in the backseat while I was driving. Hopefully, this was a 1 time carsick problem and it isn't going to become a trend. After changing her clothes Katelyn was happy, hungry, and ready for some Easter celebrations!

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